Welcome to SL Kunststofftechnik GmbH, your specialist in plastics engineering in the Rhine-Main region.




You need plastic technical components – we make them to order.

Our name has stood for quality and reliability for 66 years now, and we remain a trusted consultant to our customers.

We make a wide range of products to your specifications, requirements, sketches, samples, drawings or data sets. Custom builds are our business. We are a very agile, responsive company that can deliver the right solution at very short notice. Serving nearly every industry, we provide technical parts, appliances, housings, trays, exhibition models and decorative items. We even cut simple blanks for our customers. The list is long. Click the Products tab and go to the gallery to see more examples.

You can count on our advice when it comes to selecting plastics for your applications. We know all about the properties and benefits of acrylic glass, PMMA, PC, polycarbonate, PS, ABS, PVC, PE, PP and PETG, and are familiar with all the processing options. Plastics often combine many advantages. They can be colored or transparent, malleable, and resistant to impact, corrosion and chemicals.

We do our tooling in-house, so coordination is easy and delivery times are short. Thermoforming often bridges the gap between custom builds and mass production. It is the method of choice for manufacturing parts for small series.

Consulting, design, tooling, sample preparation, mass production – everything in plastic and all from a single source



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